Community Composting

What Is Community Composting?

Community composting is a process where participants contribute to supplying materials and help create and maintain compost. Currently, we are working on bringing community composting to the Bragg Hill Community Garden through a five-bin system.

Composting bins at Bragg Hill Community Garden

Why Should Composting Be Brought to Bragg Hill Community Garden?

More Information

To learn more about composting, check out the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, which has resources about community composting, best practices for composting, and information regarding the benefits of composting.

Other Composting Locations

Bragg Hill is not the only place that practices composting. The Community Composter Coalition consists of a group of community composters, and many places such as Fairfax, Richmond, Charlottesville, Washington, DC, and Arlington County have all developed programs to help the residents participate in composting.